Plasma cutter

The SHP plasma cutter is a modern and innovative device based on a gate construction. Portal made it is made of a light, yet stiffened profile, which guarantees high dynamics and precision of the cutting process.

AC servomechanisms are responsible for machine drive in all four axes.

The latest achievements in the field of computer science have allowed the use of a proven and stable driver to the highest customer requirements.


Laser cutter

In 2010 AJAN® has joined the world's leading manufacturers of CNC machines by implementing a laser cutter in fiber optic technology (diode source).

The focal length shifts during the cutting process are many times smaller in FIBER technology lighter and smaller optical elements, while the laser beam is transported using a fiber optic cable and not, as in the case of CO 2 lasers, through a very expensive and at the same time emergency external optics (also known as the Flying optic).


3D Head

The 3D head is a device that extends the existing cutting possibilities under the slant. The device allows smooth deflection of the plasma torch from the right angle during operation of the plasma cutter using the servo drives with gears with very small clearance tolerances.

The device is controlled digitally using the RTF (Real Time Follow) function, which in real time controls all cutting parameters, including plasma arc voltage settings, pressure settings and plasma gas flows. RTF it is necessary to perform the correct welding phase.


Pipe cutting systems

The pipe cutting system - BKM® consists of a rotor operating outside the working area of the cutter using plasma or gas support.

This function is performed by a burner placed on the support, which is set centrally over the cut pipe. For this purpose, the carriage travels to the extension of the crossbeam beyond the working area of the table.

The system is equipped with a special rotary head with a handle that guarantees perpendicularity of the cut in relation to to the pipe axis.


Grid Cutting® grating systems

GridCutting® is an innovative oxygen-gas head constructed by AJAN engineers to solve problematic cutting of intermittent materials.

During such cutting the biggest problem is maintaining a high degree of material heating. The GridCutting® system solves this inconvenience by means of 3 preheating and 1 heating burners.

Burners mounted on such a platform enabling rotation of 5400 around its axis allow for cutting any geometric shape in perforated sheets or trusses. The constant distance between the material to be cut and the nozzles is capacitive, guaranteeing the ideal quality of the cut edge and maintaining nominal dimensions.


2D+ Head

The system is aimed at companies that are forced to frequently weld spent parts. By using a servo drive on individual axes, it was possible to obtain very high positioning accuracy (+ -0.1mm).

Air filter

The filtering system is produced in three different sizes, depending on the dimensions of the work table. The efficiency of the filtration system is 99.8%. Each cartridge contains 24m2 flame-resistant filter paper. The entire unit is controlled by an electronic filter purifier.