GridCutting® Truss Grid Systems

GridCutting® is an innovative oxygen-gas head designed by engineers AJAN to solve problematic cutting of intermittent materials.

During this cut the biggest problem is maintaining a high degree of heating material. The GridCutting® system solves this inconvenience through three heating burners and 1 separating.

Innovation, however, is based on the 2D + Head System

Burners mounted on such a platform that allows the rotation of 5400 around its own axis allow for cutting out any geometric shape in perforated sheets or trusses. Constant the distance between the material to be cut and the nozzles is capacitive, guaranteeing perfect quality cut edge and maintaining nominal dimensions.

The first company to decide on this solution has become TERMETAL Sp.z o.o. from Piła.

The main product of this company are steel bridging cards and steel structures based on sheet metal perforated. Using the GridCutting® system, Termetal increased production efficiency by nearly 250%