2D head +

The system is aimed at companies that are forced to frequently weld fired parts. By using a servo drive on individual axes, it was possible to obtain very high positioning accuracy (+ -0.1mm).
The angle of the torch's deflection relative to the sheet metal has been limited to 48 ", which will allow each welding phase to be prepared during cutting. The rotational angle is 500 ', this value is sufficient to allow the most sophisticated bevel shapes.
System operation has been facilitated to the necessary minimum. All programming takes place only in the controller. Of course, in this solution our patented anti-collision system has been used, which protects the plasma torch, the sereston drives as well as the support elements against damage. Measurement of distance when 3D is based solely on the measurement of the plasma arc.
Thickness of bevel depends to a large extent on the plasma unit, however, the maximum thickness of the beveling sheet (SHP260A) is 35mm in black steel.

Ventilation VR 8/12/16

The filtering system is produced in three different sizes, depending on the dimensions of the work table. The efficiency of the filtration system is 99.8%. Each cartridge contains 24m2 flame-resistant filter paper. The entire unit is controlled by an electronic filter purifier.
Ventilation frequency has been reduced by half (compared to the older generation), which means reducing air consumption to the necessary minimum. The cartridges are mounted horizontally and access has been facilitated. Replacing the cartridges is not a major problem and can be done on your own. Each system is equipped with flame protection. The protective system is constructed in such a way that it detects all the ignited particles, butts, etc. and store them in the glove box, from where they can be easily removed.
Due to the high efficiency of the filtering system, the exhaust air can be used to heat the production hall.