Since 2009, we have been installing and servicing in Poland plasma-gas cutters for the Turkish company AJAN ELEKTRONİK

AJAN founded in 1973 is a global leader in the production of CNC machines for plasma, oxygen and laser cutting.

In 30 years, it launched approximately 10,000. machines that operate on almost all continents. Long-term research and production from scratch have guaranteed AJAN ELEKTRONİK an established market position and customer satisfaction.

This company is also a producer of quickly consumable parts. Their quality and durability are comparable to the world's leading manufacturers' equipment (this is confirmed by the companies that already use our power cutters). They meet high standards and their price is about 20-30% lower than the competition.


satisfied customers

AJAN machines are reliable and their operation is not expensive. The ratio of quality and performance to price is one of the most important factors that determines the purchase of the device by our customers.


months full warranty

We guarantee our partners a two-year warranty and a quick service response in an accident any problems. AJAN POLSKA is a qualified team of people caring for clients.

In Poland

Our company has implemented more than 550 machines on its Polish market.

These are machines with different dimensions. From small ones with dimensions of 1500x3000 mm up to 4000x36000 mm. All of them are equipped with HD class sources and an automatic gas console (this gives the possibility of linear and point routing). We have installed several machines with two portals. In large areas, the oxygen technology is separated from the plasma, which gives the possibility of simultaneous use of two machines.

For companies that want to double the production, we recommend configuring machines with two plasma sources. It gives a real increase in production with low investment costs

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