The pipe cutting system - BKM® consists of a rotor operating outside the working area of the cutter using a plasma or gas support.

This function is performed by a burner placed on the support, which is positioned centrally above the pipe being cut. For this purpose, the carriage travels to the extension of the crossbeam beyond the working area of ​​the table. The system is equipped with a special rotary head with a handle that guarantees the perpendicularity of the cut in relation to the pipe axis.

To meet the companies whose total production, or its decisive part, is focused on the processing of pipes. AJAN® offers a machine BKM-CNC®. It is adapted only for fast, efficient and accurate processing.

Each machine with an extended Y-axis arm is prepared to extend it at any time with a pipe turn. In addition, this frame can be used for firing (perforating) large profiles or HEB (which will not fit on the table) outside the standard area along the entire machine.

The characteristics of this device are extremely promising as the minimum plasma source is SHP 130®.

In combination with the automatic gas console EAK 130® and the numerical control AJANCNC 952® creates a high-quality base for cutting steel pipes structural, stainless and chromium-nickel.