In 2010. AJAN® has joined to the world's leading producers CNC machines implementing laser cutter in fiber optic technology (LED source).

The main advantages of FIBER technology


FIBER technology

Focal offsets in progress cutting process are repeatedly smaller in FIBER technology possible is the use of lighter and smaller optical elements.


Transmission fibers

Transport the laser beam to the head cutting is done using transmission fiber instead, as in CO2 lasers, through very much along with emergency distances external (also called Flying optic)


Lower energy losses

Loss of energy between the laser source and the workpiece is significantly reduced, what with the connection lower wavelength and higher density energy allows you to cut materials at similar speed with a laser FIBER with a power of 1000W in comparison for 2.5KW CO2 laser source.


Cutting reflective materials

Cutting reflective materials as brass or copper is not a big one problem, unlike CO2 technology.

The FIBER laser is characterized by lower power consumption, trouble-free and maintenance-free source, faster and more accurate cutting and a wide range of cut materials. In addition, it is much more efficient than conventional CO2 or YAG technology.