AJAN® is a global leader in the production and machines for thermal cutting. The main products are plasma-gas and laser cutters.

It was founded in 1973 and its long-term research, development analysis (in machine building), effective cost management and, consequently, low machine prices, have made the company a widespread recognition.

The strength of the company is a qualified team of people, employing over 300 people, who are great professionals, excellent mechanics and service technicians, experienced constructors and electronics, as well as reliable employees. Everyone creates reliable solutions that meet the high requirements of customers.

Production in the company is divided into several departments. Each of them is responsible for individual elements, which after assembling create perfect and reliable machines. A well-developed production line, equipped with a modern and rich machine park, has enabled the implementation of more than 6,000 machines around the world.

AJAN® is the only company in the world that produces the majority of components. On their own, they build from scratch such elements as:

Thanks to such independence, the devices are often refined and the response to any problems is immediate.