Manufacturer of CNC machines for plasma, gas and laser cutting

The AJAN company which AEP belongs to has over 35 years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering.

Why do customers choose us?

  • AJAN devices are awarded many times
  • We have implemented over 550 machines in Poland
  • We provide professional warranty and post-warranty service
  • We have a complete warehouse of consumable and spare parts

The AJAN Elektronik company has a well-developed production line equipped with a modern machine park.

It is a producer of such elements as: sources, tables, filtering ventilation, burners, control, and even engines or servo drives.

Thanks to such independence, the devices are often refined and the response to any problems is immediate.

We have on offer

In June 2009, at the Poznań MACH-TOOL trade fair, AJAN® machines were presented for the first time, which aroused great interest.

The use of a plasma arc allowing cutting all electrically conductive materials was used in the industry in the 1950s. The enormous development of this technology meant that under certain conditions plasma cutting became competitive for such processes as, for example, laser cutting or gas cutting.


In 2008, AJAN joined the world's leading manufacturers of CNC machines by implementing a laser cutter with a source of its own production. At the same time becoming one of the few companies in the world offering such a solution. Laser cutter GL A 01 008 is directed mainly to companies that perform ventilation elements, or details from sheet metal not exceeding 3mm thick.


3D head is a device that extends the existing cutting capabilities under the slug.

The device enables smooth deflection of the plasma torch from the right angle while the plasma cutter is in operation, using servo drives with gears with very small clearance tolerances.


The pipe cutting system - BKM® consists of a rotor operating outside the working area of the cutter using a plasma or gas slide.

Thinking about companies whose production, or its decisive part, is focused on the machining of pipes and square profiles, AJAN has developed a BKM-CNC machine designed only for fast and accurate production.


GridCutting® is an innovative oxygen-gas head designed by AJAN engineers to solve problematic cutting of intermittent materials.

During such cutting the biggest problem is maintaining a high degree of material heating. The GridCutting® system solves this inconvenience by means of 3 preheating and 1 heating burners. Innovation, however, is based on the 2D+ head system


Dimensions of the cutters

The size of the machines can be freely configured within the offered dimensions:

Machine width (Y axis)
from 1500 to 5000 mm
Machine length (X axis)
from 3000 to 40,000 mm

Plasma sources

Our plasma cutters are equipped with HD class sources with power:

What distinguishes us on the market?

All elements (even the smallest ones) are designed, manufactured and subjected to rigorous tests by ourselves.

Applying such a policy, we have already eliminated defective components to a very large extent already in the design and production phase. Our independence guarantees our clients immediate technical assistance and supplies of necessary consumable parts.

One of our most important assets, which our existing clients in Poland indicate to us, are low operating costs, which today are a very strong factor affecting competitiveness. Thanks to the low cost of consumable parts, machine automation, which is our standard as well as the source in the HD class, the competitive purchase price of the machine, customers significantly save on the cost of their own production.

If you want to convince yourself how we do it, please contact us.

Marcin Rybicki


We care about very good customer relations. We provide a very good product that we are proud of.

Łukasz Zawada


We provide full technical support in the initial phase of the project and after the investment.

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AJAN ELEKTRONICS is a global manufacturer of CNC machines for plasma, gas and laser cutting. Since 1973, AJAN has been providing its customers with the highest quality machines for thermal processing. Up to now, orders have been processed for more than 6,000 machines.